Nurse Call Systems


Nurse Call Systems / Toilet Alarm System

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A complete acoustic and lighting system for accessible bathrooms and changing rooms.
· PCH6410 Module with acoustic and red lighting signs. 
· PCH6040 - Cord call module. 
· PCH6050 - Cancellation module. 
· P3203 - Power source. 
· KCP9300-01 - Front plate x 3. 

General Features
The system is activated when an emergency call is made, using the cord call module.
The call is indicated with a red light & an buzzer sound.
Cancellation module is used to cancel calls.
A central sign module (optional), model PCH6006, allows displaying and listening to calls from up to 6 bathrooms, changing rooms, etc., fitted with the kit PH6081.
All modules are installed in EU standard back boxes ( 60mm).
They can also be surface mounted using Sonelco's supplement PC9006-01.
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Technical Characteristics


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