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Unidad de presidente.
  • Microphone with pilot light on the upper part which lights up when the microphone is on.
  • Rear auxiliary audio output (jack 3.5) with volume control on the front.
  • Interior loudspeaker that is silent when the microphone is active.
  • "PRIORITY" button for chairman priority. On pressing the same all the delegate modules are silenced these going back to their previous status when the button is released.
  • "TALK" Talk request button, "MODE" button to select operating mode "VOTE" button to vote.
  • 4 possible operating modes with led indicating the mode selected and additional mode for voting.
  • 4 leds indicating the number of participants with their microphones switched on.
  • Led indicating that the Chairman module is on, "Yes" led to indicate a positive vote, "No" led to indicate a negative vote and "Abs" led to indicate abstention.
  • 2-digit 7-segment votes made counter and number of delegates on starting the session display.
  • All the connexions are made on the back of the module, includes an 8-wire 3 metre long cable with two RJ45 connectors for making the connexion with another unit.
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