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Background Music / Controls and Modules (45x45mm)

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Electronic selector module with 4 stereo channels, with luminous indicator of the channel number selected. It is designed to install 4 channels combined with controls from the Compact series. It has a Mute order, pushbutton which momentarily annuls the volume of the selected channel.
It includes a Scan pushbutton which permits a second Scan line for SONELCO tuners.
It is switched on by means of the control it is associated with and when it is switched off, it maintains the memory of the last channel selected.
General Features
  • Compatible with the other Prestige series modules.
  • 4 stereo channel electronic selector switch.
  • Pushbuttons to change channels up and down.
  • LED type luminous indicator of channel number selected.
  • Pushbutton with pilot light indicating activation of the mute order, which instantaneously reduces the volume of the channel selected to a very low level.
  • Memory of the last channel selected.
  • Telecontrol by voltage through the audio line.
Technical Characteristics

PCP1440-01 (White), PCP1440-02 (Graphite), PCP1440-10 (Ivory), PCP1440-12 (Silver)

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