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Switched 25 VA power supply unit to install on DIN rail, designedto make installation more flexible if used in combination with thePC3110 input modules and with the PC3810 telecontrol module for external audio source.
It can be used in any system:
- To supply the system in combination with one or several
- PC3110 audio input modules.
- For systems that only use the SONELCO Prestige series tuners as sound sources.
- As a power supply unit for any type of Prestige Line system.
General Features
  • Power supply unit to install on DIN rail.
  • Connection to network via screw-strips.
  • 320V – 50/60Hz nominal network voltage.
  • Permanent connection to network (no switch).
  • Output voltage indication led.
  • 25W maximum power.
  • 16V stabilised and regulated output voltage.
  • Output protected against shortcuts.
  • Internal fuse for network input protection.
  • CE labelled (UNE-EN60065 and CEM)).
The power supply unit will be installed in an electric distribution box on a standardised 35 mm wide rail, according to standard DIN/EN50022.
The connection to the 220/230V electricity supply mains will be made with at least 1 section wires and double insulation.
Technical Characteristics

Maximum Power:25 VA

Maximum Current1,5 A

Mains Input:230 V AC 50/60 Hz

V Output Adjusted Between:16 V DC

Dimensions:90 x 70 x 58 mm.

Weight:156 grs.

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