Background Music


Background Music / Controls and Modules (45x45mm)

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Remote control
General Features

  • SELECT AUX/TUN - To select between audio sources (the internal tuner and the external music channel, if available)
  • ON-OFF - Switches the receiver operation on and off.
  • SCN Scenarios
  • SCAN - Used to make the tuner search for the next radio station
  • STORE - Used for the manual memorising of the radio station that is being listened to in one of the 9 direct access.
  • DEL - deletes the current memory.
  • PR+ Change to the following memory
  • VOL - To decrease the audio volume.
  • Announcements
  • VOL+ To increase the audio volume.
  • PR- Change to the previous memory
  • KEYS - Allow direct access to the tuner memories.
  • JAZZ/BASS+ Jazz equalization / To increase the bass level.
  • CLAS/BASS- Classic equalization / To decrease the bass level.
  • POP/TREB+ Pop equalization / To increase the treble level.
  • ROCK/TREB- Rock equalization / To decrease the treble level.
  • AUX – To select aux audio source (jack 3.5 in volume control if available)
  • FREQ – Direct frequency introduction in Khz (875-1080)
  • IDEAL - Return to the pre-defined default values for Volume, Bass and Treble.
  • SUPERBASS - Connection or disconnection of the SUPERBASS, bass reinforcement
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Technical Characteristics

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