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Mixer amplifier with built-in FM tuner and USB-MP3 player
General Features
3 models: YAS80 (80 W), YAS120 (120 W) and YAS240 (240 W)
Chime and siren function
3 AUX inputs, 2 MIC inputs, 1 AUX output
Individual control for MIC and AUX input
Master volume control
Bass and treble control
18x64 dots LCD
4 loop play modes for MP3 5 sound effects for user to choose
Remote control and stand by function
70 V, 100 V and 8 Ohm output
Rack mount or stand alone
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Technical Characteristics

Power:80 W (YAS80), 120 W (YAS120), 240 W (YAS240)

Sound Output Level:AUX 600 Ohm / 1V (0dBV)

Frequency Response:100 Hz - 16 kHz

Signal/Noise Ratio:Mic 1,2: 66 dB - Aux: 70 dB

Mains Input:230 V AC 50/60 Hz

Dimensions:487 x 70 x 310 mm

Weight:5.5 Kg (YAS80) - 7.0 Kg (YAS120) - 8.5 Kg (YAS240)



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