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Attenuator module with 40W transformer for 100V line with message priority.
With it, 6 output levels can be selected by means of a 12-position rotating selector switch, with a zero between every two levels.

General Features
- Attenuator with transformer for 100V line.
- 6 attenuation positions, with a zero between every two levels.
- 12-position rotating selector switch.
- Message receipt even when on level 0.
- Bridge to select message mode.
- Control Terminal to control the message receipt by external relay (See application diagram).

Before making the connection make sure the amplifiers of the system
are switched off. Make the connection according to the following instructions:

IN+ -
+ Input, 100V line
IN- - - Input, 100V line
CTR - Input for message control by external relay
OUT+ + Output for 100V line speaker (Max.power 40W)
OUT- - Output for 100V line speaker (Max.power 40W)
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Technical Characteristics

Inputs: Línea 100V

Output Impedance:250 Ohm

V Output Adjusted Between:100V, 50V, 25V, 12.5V, 6.25, 3.125

Nominal Input Level for Warning Switching: Línea 100V

Dimensions:dos módulos de 45 x 45mm


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