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Public Address / Microphones and Çall Consoles

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Desk withm general call until 6 zones.
With PL9606

General Features

  • 'All' push button of General Call, and LED indicating hold (red) during the broadcast of the notice.
  • Led (green) indicating connected microphone.
  • 'Lock' push button for locking general call.
  • Push buttons for calls to areas.
  • 'On/off' switch for DING-DONG, with led indicating status.
  • Front adjustment for level of broadcast of notices.
  • Reset internal protection (Polyswitch) against short-circuits and inversion of supply polarity.
  • 2 DB1 and DB2 rear connectors (type DB15) to allow an easy and quick connection to Sonelco line.
  • Rear jack for supply with an external auxiliary supplier 15V/1A.
  • Auxiliary audio exit of a Jack 6.35 type.
  • Internal pre-adjusted adjustments from the factory for Ding-dong level and microphone sensibility.
Technical Characteristics

Output Impedance:100 Ohm.


Nominal Input Level for Warning Switching:V(Zi)= 15 V / Imax: 500 mA

Nominal Output Level for Calls:3 Vrms

Maximum Consumption:500 mA

Standby Consumption:25 mA

Dimensions:85x150x150 mm


P5556-02 (Graphitie)

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