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Public Address / Loudspeakers

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Aluminium horn speaker. 30 W power
General Features
  • High acoustical efficiency.
  • Impregnated low insertion loss multi-taps autotransformer. 
  • Withe coated aluminium
  • Suitable for Outdoor and industrial locals use.
Supplied with U shape mounting bracket.
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Technical Characteristics

Power:30 W

Impedance:0,33 / 0,66 / 1 / 2 KOhms

Maximum Power:45 W

Transformer Tappings:30 / 15 / 10 / 5 W

Frequency Response:260 - 8000 Hz

Sound Pressure:1 W (Max), 1 m: 107(122) dB

Dimensions:Diam 325 * 355 mm


Withe coated aluminium.

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