Background Music


Background Music / Controls and Modules (45x45mm)

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Records and reproduces 4 different messages of up to 30 seconds in length each, with or without a notice signal. The messages can be reproduced manually or as a response on closing an external contact.
General Features
  • The recording of messages can be carried out from the internal microphone, from an external microphone (dynamic or Electret with incorporated power supply) or from an outside audio source at line level.
  • Rear switch to select if a notice signal should be generated before reproducing the message.
  • Rear potentiometer to adjust output level.
  • Relay that stays closed during the reproduction of a message.
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Technical Characteristics

PC5510-01 (White), PC5510-02 (Graphite), PC5510-10 (Ivory), PC5510-12 (Silver)

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