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Background Music / Controls and Modules (45x45mm)

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With the Pre-amplifi er for microphone Mod. PC5551, any type of monophonic microphone or an auxiliary stereo sound unit (on line level) can be connected to a sound system carried out with the Prestige Series. The microphone can be connected both asymmetrically (traditional) or symmetrically (balanced).
The pre-amplifi er also carries out the automatic switch over between the existing distributed sound system (if appropriate) and the local sound unit (micro or auxiliary).
The pre-amplifi er output is amplifi ed so it can be connected directly to a set of loudspeakers or baffl es.
Obviously when greater power is required than that supplied, any of the amplifi ed loudspeaker or power amplifi er models can be connected to its output.
General Features
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Technical Characteristics

PC5551-01 (White), PC5551-02 (Graphite)

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