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Public Address / Matrix and IP Systems

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Digital matrix with 8 Inputs simultaneously on 8 outputs 
  • Autonomous, Flexible, reliable and easy to use.
General Features
  • 8 Inputs simultaneously on 8 outputs with expandable capacity.
  • Built-in monitoring of Inputs and Outputs thru a local speaker
  • Two built-in Digital messages: CD quality (44kHz)
  • SD Card for message storage
  • DSP control for Inputs and Outputs
       - Parametric filter : Band pass, High Cut and Low Cut
       - Graphic equaliser
       - Voice gate
       - Automatic volume control
       - Faders
       - Delay
  • Inputs/Outputs extension through a built-in digital interface
  • 6 Inputs with limitors
  • 8 Outputs with separate volumes per output.
  • 3 Stored Output levels : Day/Night/Ultra
  • 20 KHz Surveillance Signal Generator incorporated.•Fully programmable and controlled using a serial RS422 link
  • connected to a PC or the MANXc
  • 8 dry contact inputs for different remote controls
  • 12 Output contacts for zones volume controls overriding, remote
  • status signaling or others.
  • Comply with regulatory standards including EN54-16.
  • Plug-in IP interface for network connection
  • Plug-in Preamplifier module : 8 Outputs (+6dB) - 600 Ohms
Rack mounting w/kit (1 U)
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Technical Characteristics

Dimensions:440x44x240 mm

Weight:1.5 Kg



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