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Matrix with built-in processor for controlling PA systems
General Features
  • The MAN Xc is a 'processor' for controlling PA systems.
  • LCD Display and a navigation dial on the front allow you to configure some functions and display the different status.
  • With the internal clock Sequences of digital messages can be managed, it also alllows to make a timestamp of events in the log of defects or trigger functions (Day / Night) at specific times.
  • A USB jack on the front allows easy access, from a PC, to all functions of setup, configuration, monitoring and simulation.
  • A set of 4 front panel LEDs provide signalling to major functioning of the device.
  • It is capable of controlling audio switching matrices MANX88 type and process DTMF commands sent by these matrices.
  • It manages paging desks by a serial link to allow zone selection and signaling the status of switchings.
  • It allows to centralize defects of amplifiers and speakers lines, connected to these amplifiers, in accordance with the requirements of the standards .
  • It is cappable to handle four Digitl Messages players for the simultaneous broadcasting of different messages on 4 different areas.
  • It includes a set of configurable input contacts and triggered by different voltages.
  • It is capable of providing configurable output contacts for the signaling of various states: Switchings, defects, ...
  • It is compatible with different protocols: MODAN (SNCF) MODBUS GTC (RATP), external clock synchronization.
  • An Optional interface with fire alarm panels (UGA) provides automatic evacuation message broadcast and the transmission of the general state of the PA system.
  • The 'IP' option includes an interface that allows you to assign an IP address to access and remotely control the system.
  • The option I / O allows the extension of the number of contact inputs / outputs and a more flexible switching voltages. The outputs are equipped with a relay.
  • 19" rack mount (2 U)
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Technical Characteristics

Mains Input:24 V DC



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