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Unit with 1 stereo channel. It has manual audio level adjustment. With optimum output level indicator LED.
General Features
  • Audio inputs with CINCH connectors.
  • Internal Mono/Stereo switch.
  • Built-in 60 VA supply source, supplying 16 V DC with electronic fi lter for general supply of the system.
  • Mains input voltage: 230V AC (50/60 Hz) P3271, 115V AC (50/60 Hz) P3272.
  • Electronic protection against short-circuits and overloads in the supply.
  • Telecontrol. When any of the system controls are activated, socket automatically connects supplying 220V to the sound source. When all the controls of the system are switched off this socket disconnects automatically, switching off the sound source, with the subsequent energy saving.
  • Local control. To switch on the outer sound source manually, regardless of the state of the system controls.
  • Two-pin power switch to totally disconnect the system. LED indicating operation of the unit.
  • All the components used for connection to the mains are officially approved, complying with the strictest safety regulations.
  • Internal fan with automatic activation.
In flush-mount back box P9002 or in surface box P9026 (available in white colour only) 
KM9211 mounting frame is required.
Technical Characteristics

Music channels:1

Power:60 VA

Sound Output Level:3 V RMS

Maximum Current4 A

Frequency Response:10Hz. - 25KHz. (-3dB)

Signal/Noise Ratio:> 70 dB

Input Impedance:10K Ohm

Maximum Sensitivity:60 mV

Recommended Input Level:100mV - 2V (máx. 25V)

Mains Input:230 V AC 50/60 Hz

V Output Adjusted Between:regulada entre 16 V y 13 V DC

Dimensions:142 x 146 x 50 mm



P3271-01 (White), P3271-02 (Graphite)

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